Modular Kitchen

IMG_2267 Jyani interiorWelcome to the world of beautiful kitchen designs at Jyani Interior. We provide all the solutions for kitchen modification and modular kitchen in Thane West. You can find here the complete range of latest designed kitchen cabinets, shutters, basket pullouts, accessories, and hardware appliances useful for kitchen designing, chimneys, hobs and much more. Our intelligent and skilled designers can help you in proper space planning with complete elegant design.


We can help you with all kinds of shapes and sizes for your kitchen. Different shapes of the kitchens include:

  • Straight Kitchens, also known as one-wall or single wall kitchens. You can design such kitchen if you have a smaller kitchen area. The space can be saved by fixing the storage cabinets overhead the platform where they could be easily reachable and does not take much space.
  • I Land Kitchens – such kitchens are best suitable if you have the larger kitchen areas. These have more cabinets, large storage, magic corners and much more as per your dream design.
  • L Shaped Kitchens – This is the most popular design and can be easily found in many houses. This provides much kitchen space as compared with the others. You can have large continuous counter by making it in L shape. This design also contains large no. of drawers, chimneys and ample space for storage.
  • U/C Shaped Kitchens – In this shape also you will get a continuous counter bend in U Shape. The kitchen will be covered from three sides providing ample space for storage. This design uses the space in excellent manner with three benches, plenty of counters and cupboards.
  • Parallel Kitchens- If you have a space crunch then you should definitely opt for parallel kitchens. These designs take less space in building yet you can have many cupboards and storage areas. The design ensures maximum utilization of the kitchen area without any compromise for moving space.

So, you have plenty of options for your dream kitchen as per the available space and design. Our experts can guide you in getting best solutions for your kitchen and provides best service in the given budget and time. Call Jyani Interior today!  9224598745 or email us at for getting all the information about Kitchen Modification and modular kitchen designs available with us.